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1. About Tara King


Tara King, author and ghostwriter

Bestselling author, ghostwriter, literary consultant, and experienced journalist, Tara King, made Irish publishing history with Blackwater Press in November 2009 when she released three books in three weeks: ‘Amuzing Grace – The Official Autobiography of Brendan Grace’, ‘Look Your Best – Featuring TV3’s Xpose’, and, Michael O’Doherty’s ‘Just Imagine – A Life Without Illness’.

Tara was the ghostwriter for all three books, which she completed in the space of a few months all while working as a full time journalist for The Clare Champion Newspaper.

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Just a small selection of the books in which Tara was involved through her different roles in publishing.

Tara’s Books

Tara has ghostwritten a number of books for well-known figures however due to contractual obligations, she is not at liberty to reveal their names or the titles of their books. She is however permitted to talk about her involvement in the following books:

Amuzing Grace 

Tara was the official ghostwriter for renowned comedian and entertainer, Brendan Grace, whose autobiography, ‘Amuzing Grace’ was launched in both Ireland, and Grace’s second home, Florida.


Amuzing Grace. The Official Autobiography of Brendan Grace

Look Your Best – featuring TV3’s Xpose

Tara’s second publication ‘Look Your Best – featuring TV3’s Xpose’ became a phenomenal bestseller upon its release, and was one of the fastest selling books of Christmas 2009, outselling many notable bestsellers.

Glenda Gilson at the launch of 'Look Your Best'

Xpose Presenter Glenda Gilson at the launch of Look Your Best

Just Imagine – a Life Without Illness

Tara’s third book, ‘Just Imagine – a Life Without Illness’, was ghostwritten for the renowned Plexus Bio-Energy practitioner, Michael O’Doherty, a man internationally noted for having helped entertainer Michael Flatley return to full health.

Michael O’Doherty is also famed for having helped thousands of people from a variety of conditions and ailments.

mod tk

Tara with the renowned Michael O’Doherty in 2009

Lisa Fitzpatrick’s Enjoying Style and Fashion

In 2010, Tara ghostwrote the bestselling fashion book ‘Enjoying Style and Fashion’, for well-known stylist and television presenter, Lisa Fitzpatrick.

Tara also shot a number of photographs for the publication.

This book appeared in the Irish Times bestsellers list in 2010, and again in 2012.


Enjoying Style & Fashion, as ghostwritten for Lisa Fitzpatrick

Twink, Unzipped

In 2011, Tara ghostwrote the autobiography of Adele King, aka Twink, Ireland’s best-known actress, comedienne, and mother of well-known Celtic Woman singer, Chloe Agnew.

Twink was also known as Frank Sinatra’s favourite Irish performer!

Titled ‘Unzipped’, and published by Blackwater Press, it was released in November 2012, and entered the bestseller’s list after just one week of sales.


Twink Unzipped. The Official Autobiography of Adele King aka Twink.

Pat Divilly’s 21 Days To Effortless Weight Loss & Lifelong Health

In 2013, Tara ghostwrote ’21 Days To Effortless Weight Loss & Lifelong Health’, for the award winning personal trainer, Pat Divilly.

This book was written in three days and remained on the bestsellers list for over seven weeks.

Tara was also the commissioning agent for ‘21 Day Jump Start‘.

21 Days Cover

21 Day Jump Start, as ghostwritten for Pat Divilly

Pat Divilly’s Naked Paleo

Naken Paleo is the second book Tara ghostwrote for renowned motivational speaker Pat Divilly.

Naked Paleo also went on to become a bestselling publication.


Pat Divilly with his second book Naked Paleo. Photographer: Julia Dunin

Pat Divilly’s Upgrade Your Life

Upgrade Your Life, which was published by Capstone publishing house, is the third bestselling book Tara ghostwrote for Pat Divilly.

Upgrade Your Life, which was a bestseller on pre-sales alone, is a hugely inspirational book and also documents Pat’s move into the world of motivational speaking.

Upgrade Your Life was released in October 2016 and has since gone on to be released in Arabic.


Upgrade Your Life, as ghostwritten for Pat Divilly

Agent in Charge

Tara ghostwrote the official autobiography of Al Tolen, a former FBI agent-in-charge who dealt directly with the mafia and was the first officer on the scene following Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. He was also heavily involved in the investigation into, and conviction of, Bobby Kennedy’s killer, Sirhan Sirhan.

Tolen was a crucial part of a number of very high profile investigations, and there are plans for a movie about his incredible career.

This book is due for release.

About Tara: 

tara king author

Tara King, author

Tara commenced her journalism career as a teenager when she was hired to work as a photojournalist for Irish Crime Magazine.

As a result of her work with the magazine, she was employed by The Clare Champion Newspaper as a full time staff journalist and features writer.

She remained with the newspaper for just over four years.

1 2

Tara King, author

During this time, she covered all areas including news, arts, crime, court cases, politics, planning issues, etc.

She established the paper’s very first fashion/beauty page, which was very well received by both readers and advertisers alike.

Tara left The Clare Champion in 2009 to concentrate on writing books full time.

Tara is signed with Fire PR & Management. Following this appointment, she teamed up with Hardy Bucks creator Martin Maloney to work on an exciting new television script for a comedy series.


Tara King, author

Tara was the resident beauty /fashion reporter on Fergal Darcy’s award winning show on iRadio. Her slot has remained one of the most popular long standing features on the show. Testament to this are the hundreds of emails she receives from listeners all over Ireland each week.

In 2015, Tara wrote a number of e-books for the well known website, SHEmazing.

A keen hobby photographer, Tara also runs the website, Tara’s Ireland.

Tara is currently working on a number of high profile projects for 2017. These involve a variety of books and scripts across a number of different genres.

She also works as a book editor, commissioning agent, and consultant, and in the past she has been responsible for sourcing a number of books that went on to become bestsellers.


One of the books for which Tara was brought on as a consultant.


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